More cover designs for the second edition of the Hidden Masters

After the series of very dark covers for the second edition posted in March, a reader commented that it looked like Stalag Coronation Street or something, a friend has been enthusiastically working on some ideas. Let us know what you think. They are only rough at the moment so they’ll have to be developed properly if one is chosen.

1. First of all he was just playing with ideas from the classic Las Vegas design
2. Then he adjusted it after a bit of feedback about the plane and the text
3. Then a yellow one just to see how it looked with a brighter cover
4. Then trying to combine the elements with the earlier designs
5. This was an attempt at the classic blockbuster novel front cover with the author’s name writ large
6. And again combining some of the Vegas elements
7. Finally a combination of the Vegas elements, the image from the 3D model and blockbuster text

Do tell us what you think.


If you want to know more about the Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil here are some extracts:

Chapter two on astral travel

Chapter three on breaking down on the M6

Until the second edition comes out you can still get the first edition, complete with the original typos, from Blackwells

One comment

  1. IMHO I think number 6 or 7 probably work the best from this selection – the blue and yellow ones, although they have very strong design elements, in their current colours look like a cross between a bus timetable and a restaurant guide,

    On the later ones the aeroplane motif above the back matter really works.

    I really like the design of number two, it certainly looks the most commercial (1 is too fussy – to many elements) but it needs to be on a dark ground, which means you'd have to do something with Blackpool Tower to ensure it wasn't lost. (maybe halo it?)

    lotsa love

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