Why I will be joining the Green Party this weekend!

It’s said that the Greens aren’t going to get a place in the TV debates for the 2015 General Election. The explanation for this is that UKIP have experienced a groundswell of support over the last year or so. They did well in the recent euro elections and their sudden brace of MPs are giving them a high profile. They also play to the gallery and push the bigot button whenever they can, only to claim it was a misunderstanding when there is an uproar, but they have had the publicity and they don’t care how they got it.


The greens, meanwhile, have been steady, they gained an MP in 2010 and they are growing slowly, but invisibly. They don’t make the sort of jingoistic statements that UKIP make so they don’t generate the publicity in the same way as a party does when it talks about repatriating people.

I heard a recent survey that said that no two parties have a realistic chance of forming a coalition. Small parties are a thing of the future. Despite that the Greens are not going to win any by-elections before May 2015 which means they still won’t get invited into the TV debates. Meanwhile UKIP will be there on the podium with the others.


If we can’t show a groundswell of support for the Greens by winning by elections then there is only one thing that will show up, that is to become a member of the Green Party. If the Green Party can show the media that people are signing up in large numbers then they might start to get the coverage that they deserve. They have been in parliament for four and a half years, UKIP have been in parliament for a matter of weeks.

If you are a member of the Greens you need to be vocal about it. If you know someone who has recently signed up then they need to tell people. Don’t be shy!


If anyone is going to mount a response to the push of UKIP, when disaffected voters won’t vote for the established parties, it has to be the Greens, but it has to be in public. Be Green, Be Out, Be Proud!

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  1. The Greens have now got more members than the Lib Dems. Apparently they passed Ukip a while ago. I’ve seen one report that said they were getting a new member every 10 seconds. I’ve certainly seen the membership application web page down occasionally so I suspect they are having trouble coping with the numbers, but don’t let that discourage anybody from joining. The hashtag for Twitter is quite appropriately #GreenSurge.


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