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Users of The Internet were incensed today by a newspaper article that told the truth but was totally made up. The article, attributed to someone with a name that couldn’t possibly exist, told how people were surprised that government policy was turning out to be bad for them, despite them voting for the elected government. The article went on to explain that they expected other people to be victims of the government policy, particularly hoping that the victims would be people they didn’t like. In a quote one person made up some stuff about other people who may also be made up and the readers of The Internet are deeply unhappy that the made up person made this thing up. In the thread that followed people on The Internet said that they were unhappy. Unfortunately amid this tangle of made up people making up quotes it is now impossible to tell whether there is anybody  left who is actually known to exist. In a response Jeremy Corbin was heard to say that he still has a beard, but that may be made up.

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