R2D2 has been out Christmas shopping

R2D2 come out to Hemel Hempstead today to the Turkish barbers. He is working his way up to his big trip out to see ‪#‎TheForceAwakens‬ next week.


He was pleased with my nice new haircut and beard trim from Jimmy at No.10 Grooming Room Traditional Turkish Barbers on Bridge Street in Hemel Hempstead. He was particularly impressed with the fact that I got a cup of Turkish tea on arrival and I must say it’s the first time I’ve ever had a wet shave with a proper cut throat razor. I’ve got a loyalty card and I’m definitely going back. I think Jimmy thought I was a bit odd though. :/


However R2D2 didn’t enjoy Christmas shopping in Tesco and refused to come out until we reached the till.


He was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get a Christmas pudding so he insisted that we stopped off at the Co-op on the way home to see if we could pick one up.


Unfortunately all we could find was a crushed box of mince pies. R2D2 is now officially sad. The girl at the till definitely thought I was a bit odd.


I’ve promised to make it up to him by buying him some popcorn on Monday night. However we have to get through Christmas dinner before then.

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